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a laptop is open to the website for the spirituals bodega

How a big picture approach helped The Bodega clarify its message to strengthen culture, community, and spiritual connection

Transforming a Reiki Master and metaphysical shop into an ethereal brand experience

The Goal

To build a more meaningful brand strategy that communicates The Bodega's value and spotlights Wendy's down-to-earth persona to her community.

Wendy Caroline, the mastermind behind The Spirituals Bodega, knew her business inside and out. However, she struggled to fully grasp her customers' perspectives and needs. To overcome this challenge, she needed someone with a fresh and intuitive outlook to help clarify her messaging and explain why The Bodega was the perfect choice for people.

The Challenge

1. Zooming out on the brand

Wendy has been working hard on The Bodega since the beginning, but she realized that she has been focusing too much on its operations. She needed some help to create a more impactful brand. That's where I came in! I assisted her in shifting her attention to a more mission and vision-driven approach to messaging so that she can see the bigger picture.

2. Differentiating through product positioning

The Bodega is a small business that creates unique batches of all-natural products using handcrafted methods. To stand out in the market, they needed a strategy that went beyond surface-level advertising. The challenge was to demonstrate to their audience how The Bodega can positively impact their lives, businesses, and most importantly, their spiritual connection with themselves and others.

3. Clarifying The Bodega’s Value to its community

The Bodega offers unique and handmade products and services, which made it challenging to prioritize its brand messaging. My task was to convey that the true value of their offerings lies not just in the products themselves, but also in how they transform and make users feel.

The Solution

Combine strategic thinking and creative solutions to help you define your vision, enhance your impact, and maximize your value.

At the end of the project, Wendy received a Brand Strategy Roadmap, which includes standards, guidelines, and references for The Spirituals Bodega’s Ideal Consumer, Brand Foundations, Brand Positioning, Marketing, Brand Implementation, and more.

The End Result

Highlighting The Spirituals Bodega’s brand purpose skyrocketed its community retention, engagement, and impact.

- Impactful brand identity and cohesive packaging experience
- More intimate content that connects with their audience
- Clarity on the brand’s messaging and how Wendy can use her voice

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