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For Ethical & Quirky Creative Humans

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Considered and impactful design for heart-centered, quirky, neurodivergent intuitives to reach your people- by a queer, neurospicy, multidisciplinary witch.


Blending my experience and style, I identify gaps in your industry and help you create a badass brand that tells your story so you can ignite impact in your community.

for compassionate humans

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Brand Strategy

Brand Design

Brand Powerhour

Brand Collateral

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LGBTQIA+ Founders

Quirky /Neurodivergent CEOs

Gen-Z Brands

Spiritual & Intuitive Wellness

Creative & Lifestyle Brands

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Nice to meet ya! I'm Geneva, PA-based, queer, self-taught creative + multidisciplinary designer. I started freelancing in 2020 while studying sociology and working as a retail manager, where I discovered my love for creative spaces for LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent founders.


I’m passionate about curating considered, compelling design to help brands thrive & stand out in their industries. My goal is to help other quirky ethical humans grow their brand intentionally so they can build a business fueled by who they are. Let's get to work!!

Plus size brown haired girl with glasses and butterfly crown in fron of sky with moon
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Every Human Is Equal

Friends First

Protect Our Planet

Be Who You Are

Guiding Principles

I’m for creativity, community + connection and specialize in elevating the vision of queer-founded, neurodiverse, and spiritual wellness brands.


Care Of Yourself

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