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heritage equestrian poster mockup

How highlighting purpose clarified Heritage Equestrian’s message to fuel individuality

Intuitive and strategic guidance to create an intentional luxury brand

The Goal

Communicate the purpose and depth of Heritage Equestrian’s mission through brand storytelling.

Bevan, the founder of Heritage Equestrian, wanted to bring her refined style and creative bow hobby together to create a chic equestrian brand. To do this, she needed a strong insight into her ideal audience members to guide the vision for her new brand. I stepped in to help Bevan envision her brand identity and advocate for her customer throughout the process.

The Challenge

Her audience is fueled by self-expression and standing out in the crowd. The main idea of her accessories is that they are unique in not only design but made with actual quality materials and genuinely handcrafted with love.

1. Communicating the purpose

Bevan had really no idea where to start when it came to building a brand, and it was my job to give her the guiding reigns and ask the right questions to create solid and strategic messaging and nail down her “why” to speak directly to her ideal client.

2. Differentiating in the saturated market

Once the foundations of messaging were solidified, we were able to analyze similar brands out there and how they differed. This helped show the clear position Heritage held in the marketplace- one where individuality thrives with true quality accessories.

3. Big picture problems

Bevan was focused on all the different elements of Heritage, it was my job to reel her in and bring it all cohesively together. I found a way to bring elements that speak to both her personal mission and her audience in a really chic and luxurious way for refined equestrians.

The Solution

Unveil Bevan's self-expressive mission and curate an intentional chic brand experience.

After 3 months of collaboration and ideation, the final delivery was a Brand Strategy Roadmap Document and visual branding elements that, together, clearly communicated Heritage Equestrian’s purpose to its audience.

The End Result

Newfound considered brand and a deeper understanding of streamlined business operations.

- Impactful purpose and intuitive messaging framework that communicates the brand’s value
- A cohesive visual brand identity that speaks directly to her ideal chic equestrian
- Intentional content that connects with and impacts her audience
- Confidence to go to vendor events and more intimate community events

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