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Amy Dolley Stationary Mockup

How revitalizing Amy’s mission redefined her brand identity and reinforced community retention, engagement, and impact

Conscious and intuitive guidance to create an intentional brand

The Goal

To build a more meaningful brand identity and build community and clearly communicate Amy's value by showing its welcoming atmosphere and spotlighting Amy's fairy godmother persona to its audience.

Amy is a psychic medium and shaman that was struggling to form a cohesive brand while staying true to her mission of authenticity. Together, we sought to speak to her audience full of magical dreamers - and make her brand the solution they're looking for. With an intuitive messaging strategy and brand design that brings a whimsical, divine feel.

The Challenge

1. Tap into her community

The main challenge I came across when meeting Amy was her struggle to speak to her different audience categories. The puzzle was figuring out and nailing down offerings for her different dream clients at a variety of levels, paired with solid messaging and cohesive visuals.

2. Map out Messaging

Amy knew exactly who she was, but was trying to create a separate business entity rather than highlighting and embracing her own strengths. We cut it down to the foundational bones of her brand’s purpose and built it up with simple terms that speak to how Amy empowers her clients by helping them discover their true inner selves.

3. Bring the magic together

The final challenge was to bring all the elements of both Amy and her audience and highlight them into her brand visuals in an intentional way. I took her spiritual shamanic roots and holistic mindsight and let it inspire me to infuse it into each brand element.

The Solution

Showcase Amy's spiritual gifts by having her brand embody her intention and intuitive guidance.

After months of ongoing collaboration and ideation, Amy received a Brand Strategy Roadmap, which includes standards, guidelines, and references for her: Ideal Consumer, Brand Foundations, Brand Positioning, Marketing, Brand Implementation, and more.

The End Result

A holistic personal brand that highlights Amy's spiritual impact

- More relevant content that connects with and impacts her audience
- Clarity around how to communicate the brand’s value
- Confidence to speak her mind and be herself while showing up for her brand

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