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a person holding a card that says real souls beauty logo

Unveiling the Inner Glow of Real Souls Beauty

Finding the luxury and beauty within through fun collaboration

The Goal

Bri, a talented cosmetologist, came to me because she wanted to launch a personal brand that embodied her passion for luxury hair and nail services while attracting clients who resonated with a genuine approach to beauty.

The Challenge

Bri lacked a brand identity and struggled to articulate her voice within the crazy competitive beauty industry.

The Solution

Through a collaborative design exploration, we embarked on a journey to discover Bri's brand essence.

1. Brand Discovery
We delved into Bri's core values, uncovering a genuine desire to connect with clients on a deeper level. This led to the birth of "Real Souls Beauty," a brand that celebrates the inherent beauty within every individual.

2. Target Audience
We identified Bri's ideal client as a "Lover" archetype, someone who craves a sense of community, connection, and indulgence.

3. Brand Messaging
We crafted a brand message that resonated on an emotional level: "Beauty for Real Souls." This messaging focused on the transformative power of Bri's services, promising clients more than just a new hairstyle or manicure, but a renewed sense of confidence and self-love.

4. Visual Identity
To capture the essence of Real Souls Beauty, I designed an indulgent and feminine visual identity. Celestial and eclectic elements weaved through the logo, iconography, and brand deliverables, creating a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic. Sensory language infused the brand communication, further enhancing the feeling of indulgence and personalized attention.

The End Result

Real Souls Beauty now boasts a cohesive brand identity that speaks directly to the hearts of Bri's ideal clientele. Through captivating visuals and emotive messaging, the brand promises an experience that transcends aesthetics, nourishing the inner and outer beauty of every client. This re-imagined brand has attracted a loyal following, establishing Bri as a sought-after cosmetologist within the community.

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