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Unlocking (parentheses) Story Through Purposeful Design

Going beyond “sober-curious” with creative and strategic guidance

The Goal

Nick and Tawny, founders of (parentheses), a unique non-alcoholic botanical beverage company, wanted to bring their vision to life with impactful branding. Their goal was to stand out in the growing non-alcoholic beverage market by highlighting their organic ingredients, small-batch process, and focus on self-discovery.

The Challenge

(parentheses) lacked a clear brand message and struggled to articulate their unique selling proposition. They needed help understanding their target audience and crafting messaging that resonated with the "sober curious" and those seeking a more mindful drinking experience.

The Solution

Through a collaborative design process, I helped (parentheses) develop a brand strategy that focused on their explorer archetype. We created a brand identity that reflected their commitment to organic ingredients, sustainability, and exploration. This included:

1. Brand Messaging
We crafted a clear and concise brand message: (parentheses) is your drink for self-discovery, curated for the sober curious and modern explorers.

2. Visual Identity
A cohesive brand identity and brand elements like new product labels, postcards, etc. were designed to evoke a sense of exploration and discovery, aligning with their "Before" and "After" drink offerings.

3. Target Audience Understanding
I helped them refine their understanding of their target audience, focusing on the growing market of health-conscious individuals seeking unique and flavorful non-alcoholic alternatives.

The End Result

(parentheses) now has a strong and cohesive brand identity that effectively communicates their values and resonates with their target audience. The new branding positions them as a leader in the non-alcoholic beverage space, attracting customers seeking a sophisticated and mindful drinking experience. This will help them retain an increase in brand awareness and customer engagement, allowing them to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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