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How Branding Helped Cherchez La Femme Find Its Inner Rebel

Going from vision to voice and unearthing the rebellion with strategy

The Goal

Melanie, a phenomenal writer, came to me with a captivating vision for her Substack newsletter, "Cherchez La Femme." She desired a platform that reflected her voice, vibrant personality, and deep dive into 1970s feminist issues surrounding Playboy magazine.

The Challenge

Melanie lacked a brand identity and struggled to visually represent the essence of "Cherchez La Femme." The challenge was to create a brand that felt both personal and informative, capturing the essence of a friend sharing intriguing stories.

The Solution

1. The Rebel Within
Through collaborative discussions, we identified Melanie's brand archetype as the "Rebel." This meant embracing her bold voice and challenging societal norms, mirroring the themes explored in "Cherchez La Femme."

2. Branding the Voice
Inspired by Melanie's "Patti Smith meets Kate Jackson" vibe, we crafted a retro-noir brand identity reminiscent of the 1970s. Newspaper imagery, symbolic elements, and a bold color palette resonated with the "Rebel" audience.

3. Visual Storytelling
To further enhance the experience, I created unique halftone icons and a dynamic radio headphone emblem as the main logo. Additionally, customizable newspaper clipping templates allowed Melanie to seamlessly integrate her 1970s topics within the newsletter, mimicking authentic headlines.

The End Result

"Cherchez La Femme" now boasts a captivating brand identity that perfectly complements Melanie's voice and content. The visual language evokes a sense of intrigue and rebellion, aligning with the newsletter's focus on challenging perspectives. The customizable newspaper templates create an immersive experience, transporting readers back to the heart of the 1970s. This powerful brand empowers Melanie to connect with her audience on a deeper level, sparking conversations around forgotten narratives and feminist icons.

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