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Abi Creative Co Tote Bag Mockup

How highlighting purpose clarified Abi Creative Co.’s message to fuel creativity, community, and confidence

Creative and strategic guidance to create an integrated brand

The Goal

Communicate the purpose and depth of Abi Creative Co.’s mission through brand storytelling.

Abi Bole, the founder of Abi Creative Co., wanted to rebrand from a personal content creator to a strategic videography + content agency, as well as redefine her visual brand. To do this, she needed strong insights and feedback from members to guide the vision for her new branding. I stepped in to help Abi reimagine her brand identity and advocate for her customer throughout the process.

The Challenge

Her community needed someone to show them the ropes of the basics of content creation and the reality of building an online business so they could get back to their real passion for their business.

1. Communicating the mission

Abi Creative Co. boasted an intentional and creative brand equity but wasn’t able to articulate its true “special sauce” ****in the online spaces it was a part of. Yes, the creative community was full of established videographers and editors… but what needed to be changed to begin with? That’s where I got started.

2. Establishing expertise

There was no real strategy behind Abi’s previous branding. The challenge was to create cohesion to showcase Abi’s one-of-one personality and ensure her values of authenticity, creativity, inclusion, and community were clear to current and potential clients.

3. Visualizing how it all fits together

Abi was focused on all the different elements of the business but wanted to reconnect with the community and how they felt about the brand. She wanted a branding partner who could advocate for Abi Creative Co.’s audience and envision how all these elements could be woven together to create the big picture.

The Solution

Weave a powerful mix of creativity and purpose into every element of Abi’s online presence.

After 3 months of collaboration and ideation, the final delivery was a Brand Strategy Roadmap Document and visual branding elements that, together, clearly communicated Abi Creative Co.’s purpose to the community.

Abi now feels confident with the knowledge that everything she puts out is cohesive and strengthens her agency’s fruity brand identity. Abi Creative Co. now has the branding to match its impact.

The End Result

A solid cohesive identity, systemized business seamlessly growing a community base.

Since the beginning of Abi Creative Co, Abi has been determined to showcase her bubbly and bright human-first personality. As a result, she struggled to lock down her brand messaging and create an experience that really embodied exactly what she wanted to say, which is to help others fuel their inner creative, work less and inspire more. My job was to help her wrap up her vision in a nice big present that she could use to help her clients streamline their business and reach their goals, which required turning her attention back to her holistic practice and the foundations of her goal.

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